You wake up to hear the gentle lapping of waves… it feels like it’s only metres away from your pillow. You grab your coffee and take a few steps, through the garden and onto the sand. The warmth of the sun on your skin, the feel of the soft white sand on your feet, and the smell of the crisp sea air makes you feel alive…  THIS is what a holiday should be!

At Tidal Whispers, this is your every day.

Beachfront accommodation doesn’t get much closer to the beach than this. And when it comes to spectacular beaches, Boat Harbour Beach is simply one of the best. Here you’ll find crystal clear blue waters, pure white sand and stunning blue skies that stretch to the horizon.

The Tidal Whispers beach house is a traditional Boat Harbour Beach 'shack' and still has many features of its original 1940's design. We have endeavoured to provide an authentic experience for our guests, balancing the preservation of this ambient cottage and its quaint features with a renovation that ensures comfort and style.

If you are looking for an authentic, quaint, quirky, and absolute beach frontage traditional Tasmanian shack, embracing its 1940's heritage and character, then this is the accommodation for you.  Perfect for couples, families and friends, Tidal Whispers at Boat Harbour Beach, really is one of Tasmania’s best kept secrets!